33120 Kensington FlylightŪ 2.0

33120  Kensington FlylightŪ 2.0
33120 Kensington FlylightŪ 2.0
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33120 Kensington FlylightŪ 2.0

Put computer work in a better light with the FlyLightŪ 2.0. Eight ultra-bright LEDs are mounted atop a flexible gooseneck that's easy to position. And with a built-in dimmer control, it is also easier to control brightness. The energy-efficient LEDs draw minimal power and last up to 100,000 hours of continuous use!

Features ~

Eight ultra-bright LEDs deliver clean, white light Flexible gooseneck puts light where it's needed Built-in dimmer switch provides precise control of brightness Powered by USB port Efficient LEDs burn for more than 100,000 hours of continuous use. Draws less than 90 seconds of battery power per hour of use. On/off dimmer switch.

Warranty ~

FlylightŪ 2.0 is backed by the Kensington 1-Year warranty.