Book Holder - Book Reading Accessories - Portable Stand for Hands-Free Reading - These portable book stands have adjustability for your reading comfort!

BA38 Book Holder - Portable Stand for Hands-Free Reading!
BA38 Book Holder - Portable Stand for Hands-Free Reading!
Item# BA38
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BA38 Book Holder - Portable Stand for Hands-Free Reading!
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Models Available:

BA38-BDBH Desk-Clamp Mounting Model $139.95

A38-BLHB With Iron Floor Base with Casters (as shown in photo) $238.95

Book holder provides comfortable, hands-free reading and ergonomic multi-positioning for individual satisfaction. Avid readers, rehab patients, business professionals, students and the physically disabled are among the many finding these articulating ergonomic accessories so useful. Easily adjust the height and position the arm into the most comfortable position for your reading; then, strap your book, magazine or report onto the black book-board. Specially engineered steel page holders with rubber tips maintain your page placement, yet allow you to turn pages easily when needed. An optional clip-on LED light is available separately.

Book reading accessories in both a mobile floor stand and desk mounting model. There are two models of book holders that can provide solutions for different placements because of their adjustable height, arm positioning and arm extension. The floor stand model has a sturdy cast iron base that rides on four 2" casters. It weighs 35 lbs. Ideal as a book holder for reading in bed, or in loungers, wheelchairs, set near your stationary exercise equipment or use it next to your desk as a copyholder. Meanwhile the desk model (see photo below) can be clamped onto desks or tables that have overhanging surfaces measuring up to 2" thick.


Two models of Bookholder™ stands: a mobile floor stand and a desk clamp mounting model; will hold a 5 lb. book, or a paperback, a magazine, a report, or even single pages.

Range of motion: Mobile floor stand model offers six unique movements including 'inverted' so books or other material can even be read in bed; the desk mount model offers five convenient positions.

Construction: Both models are built with telescoping steel poles, a book board of injection molded ABS that is glare resistant, super strong polymer nylon straps, and two specially engineered page holders. The floor model also utilizes a cast iron 13" square base with decorative plastic cover on casters.

Floor stand maximum height is 48 inches (measured from floor to bottom of book on book-board); Add additional 11-1/4" to top of horizontally placed book board for overall stand height of 59-1/4"h (Note: rotating book-board extends height vertically, however).

Weight of floor stand: approximately 35 lbs.

Floor stand's arm extends 30"L (measured from pole to end of bookboard)

Base of floor standing model is 13" square cast iron over which is placed a protective lid; base is mounted on four 2" casters

Desk model clamps to a desk or table with up to a 2" thickness.

Desk mount model has a minimum height setting of 4" above desk (measured to bottom of book-board), and a maximum height of 8 inches above desk (measured to bottom of book board); For overall height, add additional 11-1/4"h of bookboard when placed horizontally. Rotating board extends overall height.

Desk holder's arm has a reach of 22.5" measured from pole to middle of book-board.

Weight: approximately 7 lbs.

Designed to relieve typical reading strain complaints, such as awkward reading positions, tired arms, or neck pain.

Has been recommended for patients by chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons and received testimonials by many users.

Optional clip-on reading light is available if ordered with your stand. Not sold at a different time from bookholder order.

Books shown in photos are not included.

Easily cleaned with a cloth and mild detergent cleanser.

Assembly required. Requires a Phillips head screwdriver and a plier or wrench.

Manufacturer's limited one year warranty protects against manufacturing defects

Experience relaxed reading by using this book holder. Whether used just for added comfort or specifically used to ease pain or physical limitations, these sturdy and limber stands are innovative and popular accessories with multiple positioning. The desk clamp model can also be used in offices as durable copyholders.

The Latin root meaning of levo is "to raise, lift, ease, or relieve" and that's what these models are designed to do. Height is easily adjusted by loosening one of two knobs on the steel telescoping pole. The pole can be turned and the unit moved and adjusted to provide an articulated reach for comfortable viewing distance. Measured from the pole to the end of the book-board, the floor model's arm extends 30"L. The desk clamp model has a 22-1/2"L arm extension, measured from the pole to the middle of the book-board.

The pole connects with a book-board made of non-glare injection molded ABS. The spin joint in the middle of the book-board allows the book to be positioned for the exact horizontal (or vertical) placement desired. Two strong polymer nylon straps are used to secure your book and specially designed steel rods hold pages in place while also allowing easy tuning of page from one side to the other. Pages are easily slipped free of one side's containment rod and then slipped beneath the other side. Angle/tilt/rotate the board.

The Desk model boasts a 22-1/2"L arm extension. It provides a 4" minimum height setting up to an 8" maximum height, measured from distance off the desk's work surface to the bottom of the bookboard. For information about its optional clip-on Gig Light, see below.

The multiple positioning of these book stands allow the user to enjoy reading while removing the stress of arched necks or pained arms. Can you relate to any of the pictures below? Now you no longer have to "curl up" in discomfort or struggle to maintain control of weighty books.

Telescoping steel pole of the floor model can be raised up to 48"h, measuring from the floor to the bottom of the book on the bookholder. It also can swing from left or right so you can set it on either side of your chair, desk, or even a bed. Six positioning floor stand and five positioning desk clamp model offer user freedom and convenience.

Optional LED lamp is a clip on reading light. Adding a Gig Light to your Bookholder illuminates your page and also allows you to control your close-at-hand lighting easier. This 1/2 lb. lamp produces bright, focused luminescence with an LED bulb. The standard model is powered using four AA batteries (included); or you can order this lamp with an AC adapter, which allows it to be plugged into a wall outlet.

The plastic casing clips onto your stand's book board, yet can be folded down to 6-3/4" x 2-3/4" x 1-3/4" and placed into its pouch. When installed, the lamp can be moved up and down, and forward and back. This is a perfect accessory for your Levo Bookholder stand, providing you a dependable source of light for nighttime reading.