8KE - Kangaroo Dual Elite / with 2 (Independent - Adjustable) Vesa Monitor Brackets / to 34 lbs total weight capacity!

8KE - Kangaroo Dual Elite / with 2 (Independent - Adjustable) Vesa Monitor Brackets / to 34 lbs total weight capacity!
8KE - Kangaroo Dual Elite / with 2 (Independent - Adjustable) Vesa Monitor Brackets / to 34 lbs total weight capacity!
Item# 8KE
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8KE - Kangaroo Dual Elite / with 2 (Independent - Adjustable) Vesa Monitor Brackets / to 34 lbs total weight capacity!
8KE - Kangaroo Dual Elite / with 2 (Independent - Adjustable) Vesa Monitor Brackets / to 34 lbs total weight capacity!

The Kangaroo is the only Sit-Stand that features a well balanced yet compact footprint, so that you can easily use your desk work space whenever needed! Simply glide your Kangaroo to the side (no overwhelming monstrosity hogging your desktop)!

With all our Kangaroo Desks, you get Dual Ergonomics (except the Wallaby), meaning you have the ability to adjust your keyboard and your monitor separately, allowing you have the correct keyboarding height and be able to look straight into your monitor for the best ergonomic positioning. Most full sized electric desk only give you Single Ergonomics, giving you the ability to adjust your keyboard to the right height but unless you purchase a secondary adjustable mount, you will be looking down at your monitor.

**Please let us know weight of your display for proper configuration

•Work surface and monitor adjust separately giving you Dual Ergonomics

•Main work surface measures 28" wide by 24" deep (Composite Wood Veneer)

•Main work surface is adjustable 15" above your desk

•Holds your monitor on a VESA Bracket (included)

•VESA mounts have 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 hole pattern

•VESA mounts have "Tilt, Pan and Rotate" adjustability

•The Monitors have 6.5" of adjustment independent from the work surface

•Recommended for Monitors up to 10 lbs each and 22" wide(not diagonally) each

•If your monitors are heavier than 10 lbs each call us for an upgrade

•Solid Steel Base plate makes The Kangaroo Elite very stable

•All units come with one stabilization leg included

•Optional Detachable Side Work Surfaces are available

•Optional Keyboard Extension is available

•Minimal assembly required

•Available in Executive Black

**Optional Accessory #14FSKE - Full Size Keyboard Extension

14FSKE - We are all different when it comes to how close we want to be to our monitors but for most of our customers, the 28" x 24" work surface is large enough. For those who use extremely large monitors with our adjustable height desk (over 24 inches diagonally) it may seem like you are too close to the screen, so for that reason, we offer an extension that will add 8 inches to the work surface.

**Optional Accessory #16DSWS - Detachable Side Work Surface

16DSWS - If you find that the Ergo Desktop adjustable height desk work surface is not quite large enough, you may add extra space with the Detachable Side Work Surfaces. Work surfaces are designed to be attached and used once you are in the standing position. Please consider removing them prior to lowering your desk.

**Optional Accessory #18SL - Stabilization Leg

18SL - We are all different in our working styles and tolerance for any vibration while typing or writing on our working surface. We supply one Stabilization Leg with each adjustable height desk unit to eliminate the vast majority of vibration. If you find you would like a second stabilization leg, you can order it separately at any time.

**Optional Accessory #17VGAMEC - VGA Monitor Extension Cable

Depending on where your box computer is located in relation to your Ergo Desktop adjustable height desk, you may find you need an extension cable for the monitor. This VGA extension cable features a low loss, double shielded design. Signal integrity is further enhanced by ferrites cores that filter out noise. Come with durable molded connectors with thumbscrews for a secure connection. Great for connecting high resolution analog displays. Comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. 1 Male, 1 Female 15pin connection, VGA connections are also commonly referred to as HD15, DB15 (a misnomer), PC in/out, RGB and RGBHV.

Gold plated pins.

Outer Cable Diameter: 0.365 inches, or 9.28mm

~Differences Between The Kangaroo/Kangaroo Junior/Dual Kangaroo and Kangaroo Pro/Kangaroo Pro Junior/Kangaroo Elite

***The Main difference from the Kangaroo/Dual Kangaroo/Kangaroo Junior to the Kangaroo Pro/Kangaroo Elite/Kangaroo Pro Junior is how your monitor will be placed on the sit to stand desk. The Kangaroo Pro, Kangaroo Pro Junior, and Kangaroo Elite all provide a VESA mount(s) that supports a 100 x 100, and 75 x 75 mm hole pattern. If your monitor supports a 100 x 200 mm hole pattern, please advise for custom bracket quote, in order to attach VESA mounts to your monitor. The VESA mounts on the Kangaroo Pro and Elite Models can pan, tilt, and rotate, giving you the freedom to create almost any viewing experience you wish. While the Pro and Elite versions provide a VESA mount(s) the Standard Kangaroo, Kangaroo Junior, and Dual Kangaroo do not. Those units simply provide a shelf to sit your existing monitor on, using the base already attached to your monitor.