GDU410 - Adesso Smart Cat 4 Button Scrolling Glidepoint Touchpad (USB)!

GDU410 - Adesso Smart Cat 4 Button Scrolling Glidepoint Touchpad (USB)!
Item# GD410

GDU410 - Adesso/Smart Cat 4 Button Scrolling Cirque Glidepoint Touchpad - USB)!

Adesso Smart Cat 4 Button GlidepointTM Touchpad; Model Number: GDU410; Connection: USB Platform: Windows 98 and Up!  No mouse can do all this! Adesso Smart Cat sets a higher standard of performance and comfort with the new generation of Glidepoint Technology. That old mouse or trackball can't compete with effortless control like this. Features such as intelligent software you can personalize, one-touch scroll and zoom (in most applications), distinctive sounds for each operation, and many more, make the Adesso Smart Cat the most precise, easy-to-use pointing device in its class.


  • Even the Best Mouse is No Match - No mouse can do all this! 
  • SCROLLING, Place your finger down on the right edge of the touchpad and glide up or down. Just glide a finger along the left edge of the touchpad to activate zoom in or out. 
  • Right click by tapping your finger in the upper right corner of the touchpad.
  • GlideExtend, Edge extenders hold your place on-screen when your finger reaches the touchpad’s edge. 


  • USB port. 
  • Dimensions - 4"L x 4.4"W x 0.4"H 
  • Four mechanical buttons - three programmable functions. 
  • No contact pressure required - sensitivity and speed adjustable with the driver!
  • Smart Cat - Usable touchpad surface area - 3"W x 2.125"L