AirO2bic™ Mouse / Quill Mouse / Executive Black!

AirO2bic™ Mouse / Quill Mouse /  Executive Black!
AirO2bic™ Mouse / Quill Mouse / Executive Black!
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AirO2bic™ Mouse / Quill Mouse

AirO2bic mouse now clinically indicated to help prevent and improve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms!

The only Ergonomically Functional Neutral mouse that does not require to be gripped and untwists the wrist. It is a 3-Button, scroll wheel mouse, USB "plug-n-play" so no software is usually required for basic operation.

Some brands of PC may require an extra module for button assignment which is available from the "User" section of the Support pages. A PS/2 adaptor is provided, primarily for NT 4.0 users, all other users are advised to use USB as this is a high speed optical device that operates more effectively on that basis.

PC and Mac compatible, it removes Static Posture, a working position that keeps muscles tensed, which is now associated with the development of impairment in computer mouse users and impedes their use by persons with disability.

Anti.Fatigue™ Aerobic Mouse provides the best available science in computer mousing, that is encompassed into a practical strategy we call Anti.Fatigue™ Anti.Fatigue™ manages the causal problems, not just the symptoms It addresses the underlying issues that cause mousing limbs to fail

Aerobic Mouse Remedy Provide tools that work within the body's limitations; while still satisfying your work expectations Using the AirO2bic Mouse™ When first using AirO2bic™ mouse new sensations may be felt in the mousing arm This is normal and to be expected and we call this the acclimatization period Make sufficient space for the mousing area and arms should hang freely Use the upper arm muscles to move the hand that now rests in the AirO2bic™ Remember not to grip and keep fingers off buttons (Nib™ makes for Click-Less)

Debris can build up in the gully of your AirO2bic™ It cleans off easily and is back to "new" with computer safe cleaning products It is a lot easier than cleaning track balls!

Common sense must prevail and if any sensations experienced become intense: Take breaks as necessary If receiving medical treatment notify your clinician before you begin using AirO2bic™ They can monitor and adapt any therapy that they feel is appropriate Any on-going pain from any mouse should be notified to a medical practitioner

Optional Nib Software - The nib software lets you simply point the mouse to execute a command, without pressing any buttons (clickless software). The Nib Software comes with the mouse as a 30 day trial. Should you choose to continue using the software, please call Air Tech (800.759.5060) to purchase, at which point you will be given a software key via email. Naturally, you can choose to purchase the Nib Software at the time of your mouse purchase (see drop down menu above).