Let's face it, we all know we shouldn't sit and work at a computer all day. Everything from neck and shoulder pain to leg cramps , lower back pain and sciatic issues can be traced to sitting in a static position for hours on end. A simple solution is to move the way our bodies were intended to move. Alternating between standing and sitting with "The Kangaroo Sit-Stand Desktop" is a great first step. The Kangaroo adjustable height desk units can give you the freedom of either standing or sitting at your computer and they adjust in just seconds. We have a number of models for many different applications.

Typical Testimonial - "Once I got my monitors set up on the shelves and began using the unit, I knew I had made the right choice. This thing is extremely stable! And when I show folks that it is not bolted to my desk, the eyebrows really go up. The plate steel base provides excellent stability and is padded beneath to prevent scratching your existing desktop. Overall this product has exceeded my expectations and is reasonably priced. I will be recommending the Ergo Desktop to anyone I know that needs a stand-up work station option."

ED-WAJ Kangaroo-Wallaby Junior Sit-Stand Adjustable Height Desktop (12lb Displays) Executive Black!
ED-WAL  Kangaroo-Wallaby Sit-Stand Adjustable Height Desktop (15lb Displays)!
2KPJ - Kangaroo Pro Junior Sit-Stand / with VESA Bracket (Independent - Adjust) Monitor Holder / Compact WorkSurface 24"W X 18"D
ED-KJR Kangaroo Junior / Shelf Type / Recommended for Laptops or Monitor up to 12 lbs!
6KP - Kangaroo Pro Full Sized Sit-Stand / With (Independent - Adjustable) Vesa Monitor Bracket (instead of shelf)  / To 15 Lbs. / Steel Base / (May be configured to hold up to 30 lbs.) Worksurface 28W X 24D!
5K - Kangaroo Full Sized Sit-Stand / With (Independent - Adjustable) 9X12" Monitor Shelf to 15lbs.(May be configured to hold 30lbs.) Worksurface 28W X 24D!
ED-WALE The Wallaby Dual Elite Sit-Stand Desktop / to 20 lbs total weight capacity!
8KE - Kangaroo Dual Elite / with 2 (Independent - Adjustable) Vesa Monitor Brackets / to 34 lbs total weight capacity!
1DK - Kangaroo Dual Sit-Stand / With 2 (Independent) Monitor Shelves X 13.5" to 30 lbs total weight capacity!
ED-KH  Hybrid Kangaroo - Ideal for Laptop and Monitor (Separate Adjustability)!
ED-TKE  Kangaroo Tri-Elite
ED-MP  MyMac Kangaroo Pro Apple Users / Maximum Adjustability!
ED-MK  MYMAC Kangaroo for iMac / with (Independent) Monitor Shelf Complete
ELEC-ED-KP  Electric Kangaroo Pro Full Sized (For PC) Sit-Stand Desktop Unit (New Item)!
ELEC-ED-KE  Electric Kangaroo Dual Elite - Sit-Stand Desktop Unit (New Item)!
ELEC-ED-MP  Electric MyMac Kangaroo Pro (For Mac) - Sit-Stand Desktop Unit (New Item)!
IMC - iMac VESA Mount Adapter Kit
18SL - Stabilization Leg Accessory
ED-EW - Kangaroo Full Size Keyboard Clip-On Extension Accessory / 28"W X 9"D
ED-JEX Kangaroo Junior (smaller) Keyboard Extension Clip-On / 24"W X 9"D / Executive Black!
ED-OW - Detachable Side Work Surface Accessory / 11.5" X 11.5" / Select Finish!
ED-EBM - Ergo Bubble Sit/Stand Mat!
ED-VGA - VGA Monitor Extension Cable Accessory / Gold Pins / 6' Length!
ED-HDMI  / HDMI Cable 8' 28AWG High Speed HDMI Cable w/Ferrite Cores - Black
ED-DVI  DVI-D Monitor Extension Cable for PC or MAC / 6" Length!