B-5XUSB-XROHS / Mouse-Trak Professional / RoHS-Compliant / USB

B-5XUSB-XROHS / Mouse-Trak Professional  / RoHS-Compliant / USB
B-5XUSB-XROHS / Mouse-Trak Professional / RoHS-Compliant / USB

B-5XUSB-XROHS / Mouse-Trak Professional  / RoHS-Compliant / USB
Productivity tool specialized for professional CAD and UNIX users who need to be able to work continuously for hours on end.

60% less tiring than a wrist and elbow powered mouse. Integrated hand support reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Middle Button is programmable for either auxillary click, left click-and-drag, or left double-click. Click, Double-Click, and Click & Drag without complicated driver setup. Includes a unique "scroll feature" Extremely light ball movement force reduces user effort. Fingertip controls reduce wrist and elbow fatigue. Reliable stainless steel shafts and bearings. Less than 1% of ITAC's trackballs require warranty service. FCC Class B and CE Mark certified.

End User Product Specification RoHS-Compliant USB MOUSE-TRAK Professional Trackball Model B-5XUSB-XROHS

1.0 Scope: This specification describes the functional, physical, and environmental characteristics of the Universal Serial Bus MOUSE-TRAK Professional.

2.0 Functional: 2.1 Resolution: 192 to 576 pulses per revolution of the ball. 2.2 Input Switches: Three (3) 2.3 Interface: Universal Serial Bus 2.4 Connector: USB Type A 2.5 Pin Assignments: Pin 1 = +5V, PC1 Pin 2 = -Data, PC3 Pin 3 = +Data, PC2 Pin 4 = Ground, PC1

2.6 Compatibility: HID 2.0 2.7 OS Compatibility: Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 2003 (32-bit and 64-bit). Linux distributions which support USB human interface devices. MacOS 8+.

2.8 Switches: Mechanically limited, break resistant 2.9 Cable: 60"+-0.5" 2.10 Power Consumption: Idle: 11mA Max: 15mA

3.0 Mechanical: 3.1 Dimensions: Approximately 4"wide x 8" long 3.2 Weight: 1.3 lbs. 3.3 Body Material: ABS, beige 3.4 Ball Material: Cast Phenolic Resin 3.5 Ball Hardness: Rockwell H 85 3.6 Tracking Force: 1.5 oz. maximum, 0.5 oz. typical (15g) 3.7 Ball Load: 25 lbs. maximum downward 3.8 Ball Speed: 500 RPM maximum 3.9 Hand Pad: Injection-molded vinyl, grey

4.0 Environmental: 4.1 Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius 4.2 Storage Temperature: -20 to +60 degrees Celsius 4.3 Humidity: 0 to 95% non condensing

5.0 Accessories: None

6.0 Documentation: Included instruction manual

7.0 Labeling: Standard MOUSE-TRAK labeling. UPC ID and barcode. Serial Number and Code39 barcode.

8.0 Packaging: Each unit is packaged in an individual, protective container which may display a bar-coded label of the customer's specification

9.0 Special Features: None

10.0 Downloadables: 10.1 Cable Assembly Drawing: AutoCAD DWG (52 K) PNG Image (20 K) 10.2 Unit Assembly Drawing: AutoCAD DWG (73 K) PNG Image (39 K) 10.3 CE Mark Certification/ EU Declaration of Conformity: Adobe PDF (431 K) 10.4 Certificate of RoHS Compliance: Adobe PDF (70 K)