“Designed and produced by aeris GmbH” or “Mfg: aeris GmbH”

CHAIRS - SWOPPER - “Mfg: aeris GmbH”
CHAIRS - Specialty - SWOPPER!

“Designed and produced by aeris GmbH” or “Mfg: aeris GmbH”

Fluid energized movement for a healthy back - all day every day! "Swopper presents a unique alternative to traditional seating by providing a new approach to correct sitting postures and directly addresses the real issues that make sitting such an unhealthy activity"!

Swopper ADJUSTMENTS Height, spring tension and lateral (side to side) adjustments

BENEFITS Improves posture, provides relief for back pain, strengthens and conditions muscles of aback and abdomen, improves nourishment to the inter-vertebral discs, improves circulation to the lower extremities, assits lymphatic flow, provides a fun and energizing experience while seated.

SPECIAL EDITION SWOPPER color coordinated Ultra suede seat upholstery and matching color springs. All "Special Edition" Swoppers ship standard with Anthracite base (dark gray)