CMO-GM Contour Mouse Optical - Gunmetal Gray...The Evolution of Comfort

CMO-GM  Contour Mouse Optical - Gunmetal Gray...The Evolution of Comfort
CMO-GM Contour Mouse Optical - Gunmetal Gray...The Evolution of Comfort
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CMO-GM  Contour Mouse Optical - Gunmetal Gray...The Evolution of Comfort
CMO-GM Contour Mouse Optical - Gunmetal Gray...The Evolution of Comfort!

The Contour Mouse Optical (CMO) is the latest extensions of the original Contour Mouse Product Line. The Product Line, previously referred to as the Perfit (the contraction of Perfect and Fit) Mouse has evolved since it was first introduced in 1995.

The patented CMO:

Has durable, rubberized surfaces for easier gripping; Are Gun Metal Gray to complement the décor of most modern computer desktops; and Retain the proven design of the molded-to-fit-the-hand-perfectly contoured shape for which the Contour mouse is internationally known and for which it has received multiple awards for ergonomic integrity.

Like the tried-and-true PMO before it, the CMO is available in three (3) left-handed and four (4) right-handed sizes. The new ContourMouse Optical Maintains the same scientifically developed, contoured to fit the hand perfectly, the CMO model has added new productivity features to the original product.

The original Perfit Mouse has provided over 250,000 users with unparalleled comfort and performance. Years later, the Perfit Mouse continues to be highly recommended by safety specialists, health professionals and ergonomists. In many instances, the Perfit Mouse is the only solution for eliminating or reducing hand and wrist discomfort while maintaining a high level of productivity. Proactive companies use the Perfit Mouse on mouse intensive workstations because it is highly effective in preventing mouse related injuries.

What's the secret? Through years of testing we have discovered a unique posture for the fingers, thumb and palm that is not only great for rapid target acquisition, but also allows maximum muscle and tendon variation throughout point and click operations. Variation is only one of the keys. We also found that when the hand is placed in this balanced posture, local hand muscles come into play. This minimizes the need for flexor muscles that are connected to the fingers through the carpal tunnel. Reduction of carpal tunnel activity is the key to preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Contour Mouse Optical (CMO) is configured with a scroll wheel above add the latest technology to the unique design of the original Perfit Mouse. A high precision optical sensor provides excellent cursor control. The Perfit Mouse Optical (PMO) places a scroll wheel above the thumb support, rather than on the top of the mouse to reduce the strain on the index finger, which is already heavily used for the primary mouse click. At the bottom of the integrated Thumb Support is the innovative two-position side rocker switch which gives quick and effortless access to two additional programmable buttons.

Stop mouse related pain and discover the comfort and performance of the Contour Mouse Optical, the Perfit Mouse Optical.

Important Note:

The 2 position side rocker switch uses very light touch internal switches and are designed not to require pinch force to activate. The switches "click" with a very slight forward or backward motion of the thumb. The switch "rocker" is rubber coated and textured to provide maximum grip, with little effort.

Key Features:

800dpi Precision Optical Tracking

Twice the tracking precision of many other optical mice.

No performance degredation due to dirt buildup like "ball" style mechanisms.

Multiple Sizes for both left and right hands

The Contour and Perfit Optical mice are available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large for the right hand and Small, Medium and Large for the left hand.

Sculpted Elevated Buttons - This enables the hand to remain open with the fingers extended in a ready position for quick button activation. Buttons are elevated and shaped to reduce excessive load on the fingertips.

The Scroll Wheel provides scrolling and the textured, rubber coated light touch two position rocker switch provides access to additional repetitive commands.

Elevated Wrist Support - Reduces pressure on the wrist by keeping it off the desk top. Maintains a straighter wrist alignment and minimizes Lateral Deviation. Balances the hand in a neutral, natural 17o tilted posture. Prevents static grip by allowing the hand to rock freely.

Multiple Platforms - The Contour and Perfit Optical Mice support USB connections, supporting the current generation of computing platforms. Should a user need a PS2 capability, we have an optional USB to PS2 adapter available upon request.

Programmable Software - Using our software enables you to customize the Perfit Mouse Optical and accomplish tasks faster and easier. Set the buttons individually.