71000 Comfort Keyboard ErgoMagic™ (PS2 or USB)

71000 Comfort Keyboard ErgoMagic™ (PS2 or USB)
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71000 Comfort Keyboard ErgoMagic™ (PS2 or USB)
The ErgoMagic™ Keyboard System increases typing comfort and decreases fatigue.
  • Sections are freestanding so they can be positioned close together or further apart to adjusts to each person's shoulder width.
  • Because each section is freestanding, they may independently adjust to each person's natural typing posture - each section may also be rotated to an infinite number of positions and tilted to three different angles (20, 30 & 45 Degree), and in four different directions (by removing and turning plastic support holders).
  • Three sections include: left-hand, right-hand, and numeric keypad.
  • Numeric keypad can be positioned on the left or in the middle -- an instant productivity gain for left-handers
  • The ErgoMagic™ Keyboard System eliminates awkward postures of the hands, wrists and arms.
  • Each section adjusts easily and then locks into place.
  • Can be adjusted for use while sitting or standing.
  • Features a programmable "rest period indicator" which reminds the user to take rest breaks periodically.
  • Features special programmable functions to increase productivity, including:
  • Keyboard macros designed to save keystrokes, exit and enter programs quickly, and otherwise help the operator use time more effectively.
  • Capability to program the left or right space bar to backspace.
  • Minimizes the need for retraining: The ErgoMagic™ Keyboard System features the standard 101-key QWERTY key arrangement.
  • Money Magazine 2002 Ranking as "Best Ergonomic Keyboard on the market"
  • USB Versions now available (see Options below)! Can add two extra USB Ports to Black USB Keyboard so mice or other USB devices may be plugged directly to keyboard!