FT07-01-02 Footime Foot Mouse with Programmable Pedal!

FT07-01-02  Footime Foot Mouse with Programmable Pedal!
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FT07-01-02  Footime Foot Mouse with Programmable Pedal!
Foot Mouse with Programmable Pedal

Hate that weak, piercing or numb feeling in your hands and arms? It hurts people’s body, mood and work. The folks over at Bili feel your pain and offer a perfect solution for you. Now, nothing can stop you enjoying your computer! Here is why:

Ergonomically designed, Footime™ foot mouse and programmable pedal can help people with hand, arm or shoulder stress/injury by allowing them to do all PC entries (typing and surfing) by foot. It’s a two-part input device: one for cursor control (“slipper”), the other for mouse clicks and shortcuts (the pedal). The slipper-shaped cursor controller is intuitively easy to use and efficient. With elastic strap and Velcro ends, the “slipper” can fit any sizes of foot. Two-level pedal design prevent user from stepping on the wrong buttons. These buttons not only mimic all “hand” mouse clicks, but also allow people to program their own customized shortcuts. (up to 10 shortcuts for each program!) The preset popular shortcuts selected from widely-used programs make it even more convenient to use. A pop-up window on screen shows all button locations and their defined functions. So user can easily “see” and touch the buttons by foot. When working with some on-screen keyboard software, our mouse even enables people to do typing by foot!

Still, some people may question the convenience of foot control. Well, believe it or not, your feet are smarter than you may think. And our ergonomic design makes the foot work very easy. If you can drive a car, you sure can drive our foot mouse. Because they have one thing in common: foot-controlled pedal! (And you don’t need a license to drive Footime™.)

Some users prefer to use our foot mouse in conjunction with hand mouse for quick hand pointing and painless foot clicking. Just choose the way that works best for you!

To most people, foot mouse will never replace hand mouse completely, but it certainly improves the situation by sharing the workload of hand. The goal is: Minimize pain, maximize gain!

The growing reliance on computer and Internet has resulted in an epidemic of injury to workers who perform daily intensive computer work. Our Footime™ foot mouse is perfect for people with carpal tunnel syndrome and other hand/arm/shoulder difficulties such as arthritis, stroke, etc. It reduces pain and boosts efficiency by adding a foot-controlled input and avoiding repetitive hand/eye movement between “hand” mouse and keyboard. What’s more, this powerful device can help people multitask, avoid contamination through hands or gloves, and give gamer an extra “hand” to fight.

No pain, more gain! A little practice is all that it should take to enable a user to operate efficiently and comfortably. Once you try it, you’ll love it. Tap your full/foot talent and put your happy feet to work!

The engineers at Bili takes carpal tunnel syndrome seriously and have found a serious solution. Unlike some toy-like, half-baked, and hard-to-use foot mice or pedals in the market, this practical, efficient, and versatile foot mouse was designed with pro’s needs in mind (on both hardware and software). It makes others obsolete!


Ergonomic 2-level layout of control pedal (with mouse clicks and roller)

Scroll roller and all mouse clicks plus a double click Programmable buttons for defining any shortcuts

Window on screen showing all button functions (helps feet to “see” and touch)

Preset popular shortcuts for popular programs

Slipper-shaped and efficient cursor controller (moves like “hand” mouse)

Definable pedal (buttons) to define any keys or key combinations

Elastic strap and Velcro ends fit any size foot

Type by foot with software like tablet input panel or on-screen keyboard

Powered by user-friendly Neuratron™ software Compatible with most Windows and Mac OS


Reduce hand and wrist stress

Create shortcut with definable pedal

Speed up workflow of heavy editing

Help multiple people work simultaneously

Avoid repetitive hand and eye movement between mouse and keyboard

Help for those with carpal tunnel syndrome, Parkinson’s disease or hand injuries

Help some physically-challenged people type, surf Internet, etc

Keep “dirty” hands or “clean” hands off keyboard and mouse

Help video gamers to fight with more “hands”

- Includes software & a big free mouse mat. - Compatible with Windows & Mac OS X 10.3 and later

This website offers FREE on-screen keyboard software. Now people can use it with our foot mouse to do typing by foot!

Trust Your Feel. Trust Your Feet.™ FOOTIME™