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GLARE FILTERS - HOODS - Task and Overhead LIGHTING - Vision

Why A Glare Filter?  So you can say goodbye to Mr. Eyestrain and  brother Fatigue!

Glare is a common cause of eyestrain among computer or Video Display Terminal (VDT) users. Glare can be caused directly from light shining in your eyes or indirectly from reflections on computer monitors and other surfaces.  According to a survey of the American Optometric Association (A.O.A.), almost 10 million people a year suffer from VDT-related eyestrain and physical symptoms of discomfort.  And it's estimated that as many as 75% of all VDT users may suffer some eyestrain symptoms. Those figures may even be low because many people mistakenly attribute the blurred vision, burning eyes and headaches they experience to allergies or lack of sleep!

What's more, glare can also cause discomfort and reduce productivity by causing workers to sit in awkward positions in order to see the screen. And many users mistakenly assume that the back, neck and shoulder pain they suffer are solely the result of poor posture or poorly designed chairs.