KB210USB/PS2 Kinesis Maxim Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard!

KB210USB/PS2  Kinesis Maxim Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard!
Item# KB210USBPS2

KB210USB/PS2  Kinesis Maxim Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard!
Kinesis Maxim Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Keyboard Applications:

The Maxim adjustable keyboard is ideal where moderate-cost and multi-user ergonomic solutions are needed. Minimal adaptation time means no lost productivity for new users. Improved access to editing keys and closer positioning of the mouse means greater productivity and better employee morale. Long product life and reparability means excellent return on investment.

The award winning Kinesis Maxim adjustable ergonomic computer keyboard is the only ergonomic keyboard licensed to use the Microsoft "combo" USB/PS2 technology. All Maxim keyboards are shipped as native USB, but include a PS/2 adapter for those systems that only have a PS/2 port. One keyboard now connects to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Sun systems as well as legacy PS/2 systems!

Low-Force USB Keypad with USB Hub!

Much narrower and more versatile than "natural-style" keyboards. The Maxim accommodates a wide range of user preferences.

The Low-Force USB Keypad has two USB ports and additional productivity keys in the top row (ESC, Tab, Backspace & Keypad equals). It connects directly to an available USB port on your computer. A great productivity enhancement if you work with numbers.

"The Kinesis Maxim Keyboard's split design and full customization options make it an excellent device. The keyboard's two halves can be set to a variety of angles and will therefore feel comfortable to anyone. Each side of the keyboard has an angled wrist rest, which can be covered with the soft adhesive fabric panels provided or removed altogether." 

"The keyboard is especially compact, since it doesn't have a separate number pad at the right. This lets the mouse sit closer, so the right hand doesn't have to reach as far. Task keys on either side of the keyboard let you perform common functions such as right-clicking and paging up or down."

  • The Maxim adjustable keyboard offers a more flexible, more comfortable design.
  • Simply the best adjustable keyboard at any price!
  • Narrow footprint keeps your mouse close by.
  • Padded, removable

    Dimensions of keyboard
    Width: 15.1 inches with 0 opening angle selected. Maximum width is 19 inches when fully separated.
    Height: 1 inch with 0 lateral tilt selected. Maximum required clearance is 3.5 inches if fully elevated.
    Depth: 6.5 inches with palm supports removed. Depth is 10.3 inches with padded palm supports attached.  Palm supports make for relaxed shoulder and neck muscles.

    Maxim 10-keyOptional Numeric Keypads
    The optional Maxim Numeric Keypad connects directly into an available USB port on your computer. A great productivity enhancement if you work with numbers. 

    Reviews & Awards
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    Numeric Keypads

    Maxim Keypad for USB: AC210USB ...$69


      Features of keyboard:
    · Variable split. Much more flexible than "natural-style" keyboards; no adaptation required. Select any opening between 0 and 30 degrees, a wider range than "natural-style" keyboards.
    · Adjustable lateral tilt. Select 0, 8, or 14 degrees ("natural style" keyboards offer only 6-9 degrees).
    · Narrow footprint. Your mouse is right where you want it--not at arms length! Even fully separated, the Maxim is narrower than the new "narrow" Microsoft Natural Elite. In a typical split configuration, the Maxim keeps your mouse significantly closer than with any "natural-style" keyboard.
    · Removable palm supports. Comfortably padded to take the weight off your shoulders without hurting your hands...
    · Quiet, tactile switches. Easy on your fingers and your ears! Full n-key rollover supports maximum typing speed and multi-key combinations.
    · Great warranty. The Maxim carries a two year limited warranty. Compatibility
    · PC compatible (PS/2, AT, XT)
    · New USB version works with PC-USB,Mac or Sun systems!
  • New USB Kinesis Maxim version (KB210USB/PS2) works with PC-USB, Mac, or newer (USB Type) SUN Systems.