KOV-GTM Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse (New)!

KOV-GTM Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse (New)!
KOV-GTM Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse (New)!
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KOV-GTM Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse (New)!
Goldtouch is very excited to announce that we have launched our Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse! We have updated our original mouse design to incorporate a slightly larger size while retaining the patented sloping-angle design, originally designed by ergonomists.

Comfort and Control In the Palm of your Hand - Neutral hand posture, also known as the position of “repose” is the most relaxed and unstrained position for the hand. In this position, little muscle activity is present in the hand, wrist or forearm. The position of repose for the hand is with fingers slightly cupped and splayed, with the thumb forming a “C” shape with the index finger.

The amount of pronation varies within individuals, but should be in the range of 10 to 45 degrees from the horizontal. This position is easily observed in a weightless environment, for example, while the hand is relaxed and suspended in a bath or swimming pool.

Second perhaps only to the keyboard, the mouse is our primary tool for interacting with, and controlling our computers. In fact, average computer users can move the mouse over 500 meters each day, that’s over 100 miles in the course of a single year year. The Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse is designed to to prevent and to treat repetitive stress injuries caused by the extensive use of computer mice.

~The ergonomic design of the Goldtouch Mouse supports the hand in a naturally sloping angle that places the wrist in a neutral position.

~The front of the mouse and the buttons slope downward and slightly outward to follow the natural contours of the fingers while at rest. The fingers rest naturally, minimizing the effort of extensor muscles of the hand.

~Oversized buttons provide the maximum surface area to evenly distribute the work-force required for clicking.

~Forward placement of the scroll wheel minimizes the bending effort and movement of the fingers.

• Supports a neutral wrist angle of 20 - 30 degrees sloping downward to the right for the righthanded and downward left for left-handed.

• Alleviates muscle fatigue and discomfort caused by pronation of the wrist.

• As a preventative measure, users are less likely to acquire an RSI caused by the repetitive motion of every day mousing.

• As a therapeutic measure, this mouse greatly reduces wrist pronation. This is essential for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome as well as other repetitive stress injuries to the wrist and elbow.

The patented forward and lateral sloping angle design reduces stress on pressure points in the wrist, and provides natural contours to support the fingers.

The Goldtouch Mouse is ergonomically designed and patented

Dimensions • Length – 114 mm • Width – 80 mm • Height – 52 mm at the thumb, 30 mm at the small finger • Weight – 145 grams

Specifications • 1000 DPI optical resolution • USB 2.0 – cable length 5’4” • Bluetooth 2.1 • 2 AAA batteries included with Bluetooth models • Supports Windows, MAC, Linux and UNIX platforms