KOV-GTM-100W New Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse!

KOV-GTM-100W New Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse!
KOV-GTM-100W New Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse!
Item# KOV-GTM-100W

KOV-GTM-100W New Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse!
KOV-GTM-100W New Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse

With its sleek look and low profile, the Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse offers style and substance in one package. Offering all of the support you need to power your way through the day, this mouse is also completely wireless. And with total plug and play technology and a long-lasting battery (two months with one AA battery, four months with two), you’ll be set up instantly and for many months to come.

If you’ve used a Goldtouch ergonomic mouse in the past, you know that our mice provide the support, comfort, and grip you need to mouse comfortably throughout the day. Just like its predecessors, the Goldtouch Wireless Ambidextrous mouse offers a high degree of precision thanks to its 1,000 DPI optical sensor. It also offers an anti-slip side and base grips to ensure maximum steadiness as you move across your desk. The Benefits of Going Ambi

Left handers already know one of the most obvious benefits of opting for an ambidextrous mouse: with very few specifically left-handed mice from which to choose, an ambidextrous mouse provides a great option for left-handed users looking for the same comfort and quality that their right-handed counterparts enjoy.

KOV-GTM-100W---Right-Angle - Ambidextrous MouseBut an ambidextrous mouse isn’t just for left-handers. In fact, a mouse like this is a great option for anyone who spends long hours on their computers engaging in heavy mouse use. Office workers definitely fall into this category, as do avid gamers. An ambidextrous mouse will allow you to easily swap hands, giving one hand a much needed break from pointing, clicking and scrolling.

Who a Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse is Right For?

An ambidextrous mouse is great for left- and right-handers alike, especially those who need to rotate which hand they use thanks to heavy use. But more than just that, ambidextrous mice are great for business owners and managers. Why? Because business owners benefit when their employees are pain-free on the job, with their full-minds free to devote to efficiency, productivity, and ideation. They are also the ones who benefit when absenteeism rates are low, and when employees stay on the job long-term because they feel cared for. What’s more, due to their dual nature, ambidextrous mice are a cost saver, as they can be easily passed from one employee to the next while still offering a custom and supportive fit.

The new Goldtouch Wireless Mouse is an important weapon in the fight against Repetitive Strain Injuries. It is an essential investment in employee health — and the bottom line.

The Goldtouch Wireless Mouse is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Mac OS X 10.2 and later Dimensions: 4.5” x 2.5” x 1.25”