CST1000 MicroSpeed PC Trac Deluxe!

CST1000 MicroSpeed PC Trac Deluxe!
Item# CST1000
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CST1000 MICROSPEED PCTRAC DELUXEA three button trackball, with 'Drag Lock'!

The NEW PCTRAC Deluxe has been rebuilt from the inside out!  Now with higher resolution for more precise cursor control, this full-sized, three button trackball is 100% Microsoft® mouse compatible.  By simply plugging PCTRAC Deluxe into the PS/2 mouse port on an IBM PC or PS/2 compatible computer, you are ready to go!!  You'll enjoy this trackball's ability to dynamically accelerate across the screen as the ball is turned!

The low profile case of the PCTRAC Deluxe acts as a natural hand rest and minimizes the wrist angle by mirroring the natural contour of a hand!  It's designed to easily accommodate both right and left hand users, as well as different size hands.  No need to move your whole arm or to rotate your wrist from side to side!

With PCTRAC Deluxe you can work precisely and comfortably for hours at a time.  The Drag Lock feature of the PCTRAC Deluxe makes this product more comfortable.  No need to hold a button down to highlight or select an item.  Simply hit the Drag Lock button and the button stays "locked" until hit a second time.  Work with ease, and a more relaxed hand motion!

And, if higher resolution isn't enough, Air Tech has lowered the price!!  The NEW PCTRAC Deluxe comes with higher resolution and a low price - a price you will appreciate!