B-5XXMP-XROHS Mouse-Trak Professional Trackball / RoHS-Compliant PS/2

B-5XXMP-XROHS  Mouse-Trak Professional Trackball / RoHS-Compliant PS/2
B-5XXMP-XROHS Mouse-Trak Professional Trackball / RoHS-Compliant PS/2
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B-5XXMP-XROHS  Mouse-Trak Professional Trackball / RoHS-Compliant PS/2
Productivity tool specialized for professional CAD and UNIX users who need to be able to work continuously for hours on end.

We Built A Better Mouse.....

Built To Last..

MOUSE-TRAK utilizes a heavy 5 oz. cast phenolic ball round to within +/-0.005 inches, and with Rockwell H 85 hardness. The ball rests on hardened and polished stainless steel shafts with precision stainless steel ball bearings. Its durability and smooth, fluid motion are second to none. It's quality far exceeds that of its competitors. Less than 1% of all Mouse-Traks produced in 1995 required warranty service.

Stationary Design..

MOUSE-TRAK requires less functional space than a mouse and no special pad or surface. You can even use a MOUSE-TRAK with it resting on your knee.

User Definable Keys..

For flexibility, comfort, and left or right hand operations, most MOUSE-TRAKs have a new added feature. By simultaneously depressing the left, right and speed control key, the unit will instantly reconfigure for left or right handed use.

Speed Control..

MOUSE-TRAK gives you the ability to instantly change cursor velocity with the handy speed control button.

A Complete Package..

MOUSE-TRAK comes complete with interface cable, instruction manual and a one-year warranty. MOUSE-TRAK is truly Plug-and-Play.

60% less tiring than a wrist and elbow powered mouse. Integrated hand support reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Middle Button is programmable for either auxillary click, left click-and-drag, or left double-click. Click, Double-Click, and Click & Drag without complicated driver setup. Includes a unique "scroll feature" Extremely light ball movement force reduces user effort. Fingertip controls reduce wrist and elbow fatigue. Reliable stainless steel shafts and bearings. Less than 1% of ITAC's trackballs require warranty service. FCC Class B and CE Mark certified.

End User Product Specification RoHS-Compliant PS/2 MOUSE-TRAK Professional Trackball Model B-5XXMP-XROHS

1.0 Scope: This specification describes the functional, physical, and environmental characteristics of the PS2 MOUSE-TRAK Professional.

2.0 Functional: 2.1 Resolution: 192 to 576 pulses per revolution of the ball. 2.2 Input Switches: Three (3) 2.3 Interface: IBM PS/2 2.4 Connector: 6-Pin Mini-DIN Male 2.5 Pin Assignments: Pin 1 = PS/2 Data Pin 2 = NC Pin 3 = Common Pin 4 = +5V Pin 5 = PS/2 clock Pin 6 = NC 2.6 Compatibility: Microsoft PS/2 Mouse Protocol, Logitech PS/2 Mouse Protocol 2.7 OS Compatibility: Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 2003 (32-bit and 64-bit). Linux distributions which support PS/2 mouse devices.

2.8 Switches: Mechanically limited, break resistant 2.9 Cable: 96"+-0.5" 2.10 Power Consumption: Idle: 8mA Max: 12mA

3.0 Mechanical: 3.1 Dimensions: Approximately 4"wide x 8" long 3.2 Weight: 1.3 lbs. 3.3 Body Material: ABS, beige 3.4 Ball Material: Cast Phenolic Resin 3.5 Ball Hardness: Rockwell H 85 3.6 Tracking Force: 1.5 oz. maximum, 0.5 oz. typical (15g) 3.7 Ball Load: 25 lbs. maximum downward 3.8 Ball Speed: 500 RPM maximum 3.9 Hand Pad: Injection-molded vinyl, grey

4.0 Environmental: 4.1 Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius 4.2 Storage Temperature: -20 to +60 degrees Celsius 4.3 Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing

5.0 Accessories: None

6.0 Documentation: Included instruction manual

7.0 Labeling: Standard MOUSE-TRAK labeling. UPC ID and barcode. Serial Number and Code39 barcode.

8.0 Packaging: Each unit is packaged in an individual, protective container which may display a bar-coded label of the customer's specification

9.0 Special Features: 9.1 Right/Left-handed modes: Yes. See manual for programming instructions 9.2 Programability: Middle Key: The middle key may be set for the auxiliary function, a primary click-and-drag, or a primary double-click. See manual for programming instructions. Right (Secondary in right-handed mode) Key: The right key may be set for either secondary click or secondary click-and-drag. See manual for programming instructions. Programming Note: Programming will reset to factory default if the MOUSE-TRAK receives a reset signal from the host computer.

10.0 Downloadables: 10.1 Cable Assembly Drawing: AutoCAD DWG (67K) PNG Image (26K) 10.2 Unit Assembly Drawing: AutoCAD DWG (73 K) PNG Image (39 K) 10.3 CE Mark Certification/ EU Declaration of Conformity: Adobe PDF (431 K) 10.4 Certificate of RoHS Compliance: Adobe PDF (70 K)