MX10 Plantronics Multimedia Amplifier/Headset Switcher

MX10  Plantronics Multimedia Amplifier/Headset Switcher
Item# MX10

Headset Switcher™, MX10!  The Vista amplifier plus an integrated telephone / computer (audio) switch. Enables you to use one Plantronics headset for both your telephone and computer or audio device!  Works great with these Plantronics headsets; Encore®, Mirage®, DuoSet™, Tristar®, Starset®, Supra®, DuoPro™!

Headset Switcher™ Multimedia Amplifier  MX10!  The Plantronics Headset Switcher Multimedia Amplifier enables advanced desktop applications, increasing the productivity of headset users! Speech Recognition provides many computer users a preferred option to using the keyboard and mouse. With speech recognition software installed, users interface directly
with the computer, simply by speaking into the microphone of a Plantronics headset. 

Product Benefits

  • Reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.
  • Increase productivity for slow typists. 
  • Create and update customer / patient records, Reduce transcription errors, delays and costs by dictating documents. 
  • Make computers accessible to disabled employees. 

Computer-Based Training reduces costs by bringing courses to the desktop. Interactive, multimedia-based training is often more effective than traditional classes.  

  • Content delivered over a network or on CD-ROM. 
  • Trainees learn at their own pace.
  • Can switch back to their own pace. 

Can switch back to their telephone-based job responsibilities at any time. 

Desktop Conferencing allows people in distant locations to use their computers to interact. 

  • Reduces costs and boosts productivity by providing an effective alternative to business travel.
  • Enables data conferencing to exchange and edit documents in real time, or work with one or more colleagues in the same application.
  • Works with both Single and Multi-line Phone Systems!