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Humanscale Standard 900 Platform!
Humanscale Standard 900 Platform!
Item# 900G
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Humanscale Standard 900 Platform!
  • Top Photo:  2 or 5G Mechanism, Standard #900 Platform, 8" Swivel Mouse (Right or Dual), Synthetic Leather Palm Support (Gel Core)
  • Top-Center Photo:  Mechanism, Standard #900 Platform, M2 Mouse (Right or Dual), Synthetic Leather Palm Support (Gel  Core)
  • Top-Lower Photo:  Mechanism, Standard #900 Platform, 8" Upper Tilt Mouse, Synthetic Leather Palm Support (Gel Core)
  • CLIP MOUSE - Inset Photo Left

    An articulating keyboard system is the most important component of an ergonomic workstation next to the chair. For people who work on a computer for 2 or more hours per day, a high-end articulating keyboard system can provide serious protection from a variety of musculoskeletal disorders, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, neck pain, and upper and lower back pain. With our advanced technology, award-winning designs and hundreds of options, Humanscale has been the market leader in articulating keyboard systems for 3 years running. We pioneered intuitive adjustability and eliminated knee obstruction. And our newest offerings remain several steps ahead of the pack. If you're serious about working in comfort, you've come to the right place!

    THE NEUTRAL REACH ZONE:  Each of our platform options is designed to ensure that users type and mouse within their Neutral Reach Zone, thereby encouraging safe, sustainable working postures.  "The Neutral Reach Zone is the area that can be conveniently reached with a sweep of the forearm while the upper arm hangs in a natural position at the side."  (Sanders & McCormick,1993)

    • Platform Color:  Our standard keyboard and mouse platforms are available in Graphite Spektrum, a neutral color that will compliment virtually all interiors!
    • Platform Material:  All of our keyboard and mouse platforms are made of phenolic, an ultra-strong, remarkably thin (1/4”) composite that’s non-toxic, durable and easy to clean!
    • 2G Freedom Arm Mechanism:  The 2G is the second-generation Freedom Arm with independent height and tilt adjustment and unmatched stability!  6 1/4 height adjustment (1 1/4 above to 5" below standard 22" long glide track).
    • 5G Freedom Arm:  The 5G offers all the advantages of the 2G, but includes a simple dial-a-tilt keyboard angle adjustability!  6 1/4 height adjustment (1 1/4 above to 5" below standard 22" long glide track).

      (Three Mouse Surface Options - See Drop-Down Menu Below, and Photos Above)

      • Swivel Mouse - Attached to our standard keyboard platform, which is designed to support nearly all standard keyboards, the swivel mouse provides a wide range of adjustability within the Neutral Reach Zone. 8" platform with left, right or dual positions.
      • M2 Mouse - The new M2 offers all the advantages of our popular Swivel Mouse, but with a slightly larger and uniquely shaped mouse platform, which brings the mousing surface closer to the user for an extremely comfortable, low-risk mousing posture.
      • Upper Tilt Mouse - Independent angle adjustment for the mousing surface is designed for users who type with a negative keyboard tilt, but prefer to mouse on a flat surface. 8" platform, quick ship program includes upper right only.
    • 48 Hour Quick Ship Keyboard Systems:  These best-selling Humanscale keyboard systems are available to ship within 48 hours for orders of 1 to 99 units!
    • All keyboard systems ship with standard 22" (actual 21 5/8") track. See optional shorter track lengths below (no additional charge).
    • Please note - all keyboard trays and systems are special ordered and not returnable, so please call Air Tech for help selecting correct size!