PTMA Series - Pro-Tech Anti-Fatigue ORTHO 1 MAT™

PTMA Series - Pro-Tech Anti-Fatigue ORTHO 1 MAT™
PTMA Series - Pro-Tech Anti-Fatigue ORTHO 1 MAT™
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PTMA Series - Pro-Tech Anti-Fatigue ORTHO 1 MAT™

New Pro-Tech Ortho 1 Mats


Pro-Tech Mats introduces the world's finest closed cell nitrite anti-fatigue mat!  

THE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER'S solution to slips and falls!


  • Ergonomically designed for reduction of back, leg, foot, and ankle fatigue!
  • Promotes employee wellness!
  • Reduces foot exposure to prolonged cold, heat and vibration!
  • Reduces spinal compression!
  • Increases circulation!


  • Works superior in all risk management areas of the "Healthcare Delivery System".  Closed cell mat feature eliminates absorption of liquids, fluids and airborne pathogens!
  • Leading technology, infection control "antimicrobial" prevents mold, mildew and bacterial growth.
  • Very user friendly, light weight, easy to clean.  Follow normal protocol using disinfectants.
  • National Floor Safety institute approves, non-slip quality tested 40% higher than any other sponge mat.
  • Non allergenic, latex and silicone free!
  • Ortho Mats tm are complete with safety beveled on all edges, all service carts rollover our mats with ease (3/4 inch thick)!


  • Fabricated from superior closed cell virgin nitrite rubber with an antimicrobial compound added to prevent mold, mildew and bacterial growth.
  • Colors: Executive Black or Medium Gray, All Mats are 3/4" Thick.
  • Ideal for wet or dry applications!  NFSI tested and approved.
  • Runners: standard widths 22", 42", 48", and 72".  Factory bonded every 72" when necessary.
  • Custom sizes available, please call for quote!
  • Burn Test: UL94 HBF Extinguished in 10 sec., burned 1/4".PASSED.
  • The Ortho Mat will not be affected by acids, bleaches or other chemicals
  • Ortho Anti-Static Mats are also available.
  • All mats are special order and not returnable

*Optional enhancements - please call to add to order (800.759.5060)

1. Brass Grommets - These are brass hole inserts that enable the mat to be placed on hooks for cleaning. May be inserted on the vertical or horizontal edge of the mat (usually one grommet every 4'). Cost is $3.50 per Grommet.

2. Velcro Strips - Used to keep the mat in place on carpeted surfaces (Ideal behind counter in Pharmacy for example). Cost is $4.50 per strip and usually inserted every three linear foot.

3. Yellow Safety Stripe - This is a glued material applied to the beveled edges of the mat. This is a great safety feature, as it reduces tripping. Cost is $11.00 per linear foot.

4. Holes punched in mat - The hole punch option is normally considered for wet floor environmants, such as bars or food processing. Keeps liquids from standing on solid mat surface to reduce slipping. Cost is $2.00 per linear foot.