SFSB - Surfboard VDT Corner

SFSB - Surfboard VDT Corner
SFSB - Surfboard VDT Corner
Item# SFSB

SFSB - Surfboard VDT Corner
SFSB -Surfboard VDT Corner

Note - Because the Surfboard does not have a traditional front lip, it is an ideal solution for workstations that have pull-out drawers. (SFSB does have a front lip only between the two desk surfaces, which rolls down about ½ in, and had rubber bumpers that hit the desk. The piece that actually extends beyond the 24” center does not have a lip, it is flat.)

The felt-backed SurfBoard™ VDT corner maximizes space by turning an L-shaped worksurface into a corner deep enough to hold even the largest monitor.

This rigid, steel pad creates a generous 24" wide VDT corner that can be adjusted to any angle.

-Fits any worksurface thickness or edge profile

-Creates a generous 24''-wide VDT corner

-Can be adjusted to any angle, or removed when not needed

-Integral, non-handed mouse pad

-Felt back and rubber bumpers protect worksurface

-Requires no hardware

-Available in Executive Black soft-touch finish

-Construction: Rigid steel plate with 1”-thick rolled front detail. Black rubber bumpers and non-scuffing felt on back.

-Dimensions: 41 ½"W x 16- ½"D x 1"H

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