The Sonoma "Premium Series" / Laminate - Workcenter!

The Sonoma "Premium Series" / Laminate -  Workcenter!
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The Sonoma "Premium Series" / Laminate -  Workcenter!

The Sonoma Premium Series Workcenter!

The Sonoma Premium Series workcenters have been designed to meet the highest standards of functional and ergonomic performance! Engineered for maximum sit-to-stand flexibility and are easily configured to fit any office work environment. Our Premium workcenters are engineered to allow for maximum height variation and superior strength!

The Premium offers an exceptional height range, from a low of 24.25" to a high of 51.5", accommodating people who range from the 5th to 95th percentile in height. The high performance electric actuator is shrouded in durable, high quality aluminum extrusions that provide excellent strength and rigidity, along with whisper-quiet operation. The worksurface adjusts at 1.7" per second, with a lifting capacity of 225 lbs!

Adjustment is accomplished at the touch of a button! The control panel has a digital readout that indicates the height position. The Premium is easily installed and can accommodate virtually any shape worksurface!

Sonoma Series Premium bases can be retrofitted to existing or new panel systems as a sit-to-stand upgrade!
The Premium bases are adaptable to most office environments: corners, straight-aways, or entire workstations!

Measuring Information (LW X RW X D)!

The first dimension is referred to as the "Left Side Width" measurement, and the spec drawing would look like a return, or simply the left side of an "L-Shape" worksurface.  The second dimension is called the "Right Side" measurement, or "Right Side Width."  The third dimension is simply the worksurface depth, and would therefore apply to both sides of an "L-Shaped" Table.