The Sonoma "Value Series" Workcenter!

The Sonoma "Value Series" Workcenter!
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The Sonoma "Value Series" Workcenter!

The Sonoma Value Series Workcenter!

The Sonoma Value Series workcenters offer height adjustability for the seated position with the simple turn of a handle!

Our Value workcenters enable the user to position the worksurface to a comfortable seated height that is appropriate for their individual size and task!

Height range extends from a low of 22" to a high of 35" and has a lifting capacity of 270 lbs. The crank handle is removable.

Adjustment is accomplished quickly and easily without having to clear your desk or call for help from your facilities staff!

Constructed from the same quality materials, the Value line is designed to match any Sonoma Series workcenter product!

Sonoma Series Value bases can be retrofitted to existing or new panel systems!

The Value configuration is an economical solution for customers who need a smaller range of height adjustability at an affordable price!

Measuring Information (LW X RW X D)!  The first dimension is referred to as the "Left Side Width" measurement, and the spec drawing would look like a return, or simply the left side of an "L-Shape" worksurface.  The second dimension is called the "Right Side" measurement, or "Right Side Width."  The third dimension is simply the worksurface depth, and would therefore apply to both sides of an "L-Shaped" Table.