SV40-6100-0 StyleView® Laptop Cart, SV40

SV40-6100-0  StyleView® Laptop Cart, SV40
SV40-6100-0 StyleView® Laptop Cart, SV40
Item# SV40-6100-0

SV40-6100-0  StyleView® Laptop Cart, SV40
SV40-6100-0 StyleView® Laptop Cart, SV40

Incredibly lightweight! This innovative, truly ergonomic and easy-to-maneuver healthcare cart features sit-to-stand height adjustment and an adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray.

StyleView: Your cart. Your way.StyleView: Your cart. Your way. Personalize your cart to suit your team’s workstyle and flow. That is the genius behind our 5th generation StyleView medical carts. Watch it now! Impressions of StyleView: Your work. Your way.Impressions of StyleView


Effortlessly maneuver the cart to the point of need—StyleView quickly responds to caregivers’ touch and enables nurses to focus on their patients

Truly ergonomic design accommodates the largest range of nurses and other caregivers; designed for sitting or standing with single-motion fluid adjustment—helps promote caregiver wellness and productivity

StyleView’s small footprint, with ultra-smooth gliding casters, travels easily across crowded carpet or hard surface floors and is perfect for space constrained areas

Open-architecture design accommodates most laptops—even widescreen—easing future hardware deployments and upgrades

Passes Ergotron’s 10,000-cycle motion test, which ensures a minimum of five years trouble-free sit-to-stand height adjustment Tech Specs Screen Screen ≤ 17.3"†

Capacity Capacity ≤ 18 lbs* 8 kg

Lift Lift 20" 51 cm

Tilt Tilt —

Pan Pan —

Rotation Rotation —

VESA VESA — Part Number: SV40-6100-0 Description: StyleView Laptop Cart, non-powered, SV40 (white, grey and polished aluminum) Includes worksurface, secure laptop compartment, mouse holder, wrist rest, scanner holder, back-tilt keyboard tray, left/right mouse tray, cable storage, four casters (two locking) † Maximum Laptop Size: 17"W x 14.75"D x 2"H (432 x 375 x 51 mm) * Weight Capacity: Total maximum load on height-adjustment assembly = 18 lbs (8 kg). This is the sum of the following components: worksurface ≤ 5 lbs (2.3 kg); keyboard tray ≤ 3 lbs (1.4 kg); and laptop compartment ≤ 10 lbs (4.5 kg) Laptop and worksurface adjust 20" (51 cm) in tandem True Ergonomics Ergonomic back-tilt keyboard tray with left or right mouse tray ensures wrists remain in a neutral position during data entry—avoid repetitive-stress injuries while increasing comfort and productivity Designed for users 5'0" to 6'1" (152 to 185 cm) tall and for prolonged sitting or standing applications. The exceptional height adjustment range means shorter and taller users can work comfortably and productively in a seated as well as standing position Patented CF lift-and-pivot motion technology minimizes forces required to adjust cart position: Casters and height adjustment require just a touch Actual cart weight is just 50 lbs (22.7 kg), making system relocation easy Safe Environmentally clean: RoHS, REACH, WEEE and EU (94/62/EC) packaging compliant Tested to UL/EN/IEC specifications for enhanced patient safety Durable, easy-to-clean exterior composed of aluminum, high-grade plastic and zinc-plated steel promotes infection control One-piece worksurface with no seams; easy-to-clean design promotes infection control Lockable, ventilated enclosed storage for open laptop. Keys and locks are heavy-duty Front-locking casters Designed to meet guidelines established by the American National Standards Institute for computer use Service Covered by Global Service Program—24/7 coverage All the Details Covered Notebook screen holders: Prevents the notebook screen from vibration for less damage to hinges over time Universal mounting slot for accessories and equipment A unique cable management system conceals and organizes cords, making cleaning easy Ships fully assembled and is easily accessible from container Four (4) ultra-smooth gliding casters for extremely easy push/pull mobility; two locking casters ensure lock-in-place stability Compatibility and Dimensions Open-architecture design accommodates most laptops—even widescreen with up to 17.3" diagonal size—easing future hardware deployments and upgrades Compact Wheel-to-Wheel Base Dimensions: 17" x 21" (430 x 533 mm) Worksurface Dimensions: 22"W x 19.6"D (562 x 498 mm) Shipping Dimensions: 31"H x 21"W x 52"D (79 x 54 x 133 cm) Shipping Weight: 77 lbs (35 kg); actual cart weight = 50 lbs (22.7 kg) Warranty: Five (5) years