New Sonoma Series Adjustable Workstations, Quality by WorkRite!

FURNITURE - Adjustable Workcenters - WorkRite

Ultimate Ergonomic Style, Flexibility and Variation, resulting in "Freedom to Change your Office," by WorkRite!

We make your workplace better by giving you the freedom to change your office. You can facilitate multiple-shift workplace environments, employee comfort preferences, and a variety of other business solutions. Your workforce comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we allow you to accomodate everyone comfortably. Flexible workcenters help you to cross train employees with ease and support a diverse workforce!

Comfort is the key to employee productivity, morale, and workplace integrity!  As a conscientious, forward-thinking company, you simply can't overlook it!  Creating an ergonomically correct office environment that suits each one of your employee's physical needs is critical to your success as a business!

Workrite helps you to boost productivity, reduce turnover, lower facilities expenses and decrease worker's compensation costs. All of this leads to greater return on investment!

We've made it easy for the user to quickly adjust the height of the worksurface, without having to call your facilities department!

It's as simple as that! A sit-stand workcenter is today's trend! Give your employees the easy adjustability they need!

Please call Air Tech (800-759-5060) for expert help, or with any questions!